Customize your furniture to match your own personality

Every creation by Romuald Fleury is entirely hand-crafted and designed to be customized according to your wishes : sizes, wood essences, leather or fabric, finishes…

Furniture designed to match your style

As an authentic creator-designer, Romuald Fleury can offer you to customize your furniture to match your personality, because every component can be adapted accordingly.

Freedom for your wishes

You fell in love with Romuald Fleury’s creations ? Your preferred style goes to leather instead of fabric ? Would you rather choose for dark rather than clear wood, be it tinted or natural ? Contact Romuald Fleury for a personalized study of your own style.

Take control

Because every creation by Romuald Fleury is entirely made by hand, he can even offer you to use leather or fabric delivered by your own provider. Attention : it is imperative that you send a representative sample of leather or fabric. Your order, once manufacturing has begun, cannot be cancelled or modified.

Discover every piece of furniture crafted by Romuald Fleury, Artisan Designer

Designed to be adapted to any interior, hand-crafted in his workshop with care and passion selecting exclusive quality materials, they can entirely be personalized to match your interior and your wishes.


Romuald carefully listened to my expectations cefore creating this console. It meant a lot me to research for the lines of this furniture that I dearly wanted, and Romuald Fleury gave me absolute satisfaction.

Marie-Cécile B.

I met Romuald Fleury at the Ob’Art convention in Montpellier. I was instantly seduced by his search for quality in selecting and choosing materials. A must-see furniture designer for the originality of his creations.

Xavier F.

I was looking for my whole family for a table that was unique and original, to eat or help the children with their homework. I found in Romuald Fleury a careful listener and he personalized for us his Table K.Ro : magic !

Chantal P.

In perfect match with your own style

Each and every creation by Romuald Fleury is entirely hand-crafted and can match your own personality: sizes, materials, finishes …many options enable you to personalize your selected piece of furniture according to your own wishes.

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